Caribbean Cruise Photos

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San Juan, Peurto Rico

We stayed one night in a nice hotel on the beach, check out the view from our room! The following day we wandered up to one of the rain forests and took several shots. The sunset shot turned out really nice.


The Cruise

We cruised aboard the Norwegian cruise ship Windward. The cruise was specifically a "volleyball cruise", where several pro players came on board and interacted with the guests. While at the hot tub, Gary Sato mingled with our friends Ally, Trish, and Sandy. The food was great, and the waiters often entertained us. Here's our waiter dancing with the rest of the waiters, with our desert on his head.




We first docked in Aruba, a very windy place. We went snorkelling and saw a sunken tug boat. And check out the brain coral.


Then we docked in Curacao, where we did some shopping.

St. Thomas

Then back in the Virgin Islands, we first stopped in St. Thomas, where we went to a private beach owned by one of the hotels. They had iguanas along one of the paths. Then we went to the other end of the island, where a hurricane had taken out an underwater observatory we had intended to visit. So instead we just walked along the beautiful beaches.



The last stop was Tortola, another gorgeous place, and very must less travelled. Our taxi driver was named Bob, and he showed us all over the island. He even showed us where he lives. He dropped us off at the beach for a while, where we found a tire swing. Later, we went back to the botanical garden that he showed us.


On our way back to sunny California, we decided to spend a couple of days in Orlando. We went to both Disney World and MGM Studios. Surprisingly, our impression of Florida is not the same as California, where it was overcast and rainy. We spent the day in rain gear at Disney World. But it was only overcast at MGM Studios.


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