My preferred sport is volleyball. I'm playing in two coed leagues now, one's recreational (lots of babes) and the other is competitive. Other than the leagues, I play with friends up to four more times per week. I just can't seem to get enough of the game. Just tonight I had the most awesome spike; and during the side out, I overheard someone on the opposing team say "we're gunna have to block him, he's good". That made my night!


My second sport is racquetball. I've played a lot more racquetball than volleyball. However, I've found volleyball to be a more social sport. I'm pretty good at racquetball, and have played at the A level at the Los Gatos Athletic Club. I'd probably be considered a high C or low B player in a larger club, or official tournament.

Scuba Diving

I've been scuba diving for over 3 years. I find that the occasional dive is a lot of fun. When I first got into it, I was going a couple of times a month, usually off of Monterey. But over time, I've found that it's a lot of work, and everything looks the same (I've seen it all, in Monterey anyway), and so I make a dive only once in a while. My trip to Hawaii was more of an adventure.

Sky Diving

I've now been sky diving three times. Each time I went tandem, which means I was strapped to a harness which was attached to a very experienced sky diver called a tandem master. To be a tandem master, you have to have diven over 500 times. So the first time I went sky diving, I figured, well if this dude has diven over 500 times, and hasn't bounced, chances are real good he won't bounce while I'm connected to him.

My first jump seemed like a dream, or maybe a movie. It didn't seem real. My second jump was cool. I was given control of the rip cord, and was trained to do a 360 in the air, clockwise, and counter-clockwise. It's not that hard. For my third jump, we attempted to do a back flip in the air. Since the miniature parachute called a droge (sp) can't be placed out to slow the tandem pair down while attempting a back flip, we got up to 180 m.p.h. instead of the usual 120. We ended up twisting during the flip and went out of control, and bounced 20 feet in the air when we landed. Well, okay. We regained control, and everything was cool. I recommend checking it out!


Over the past few years, I've learned to play bridge. You say it's for old farts, well you're wrong (I'm not an old fart, yet). A coworker and friend named Mojo teaches classes on bridge, and has collected quite an audience varying in all ages. I typically gather with other regulars and play once or twice a week. My first day at the bridge center in San Jose earned me 1/3 master points, although I always feel there is so much more to learn about bridge. Visit Mojo's web page for more information on bridge.