Dave 'n Grace met playing volleyball, woo hoo!!!  Dave joined a Technology Volleyball league, and was immediately placed on Grace's team.  They did so well playing together that they played on the same team every season after that, even though most players changed teams from season to season. Finally, after about a year of doing so well together, Dave finally got up the guts to say more than just "hi". (Right Ally?)
After the ice was finally broken, they played in a tournament together, and this gave them a chance to really talk. But by this time, Grace was on her way out of a relationship that wasn't working, and when it became official, Dave 'n Grace had a chance to be together.
It all started with a common interest -- volleyball. Grace would never have even been there, if it weren't for Barbara Bangs, who brought her in to the volleyball league. Grace already had volleyball talent from high school).  And her talent really stood out. That's one of the things Dave really likes about her.
As time went by, Dave decided to move in with Grace and Junior, since he was already spending so much time with them anyway.  And now everything is working so wonderfully, that we're gunna have an awesome wedding ;-)