Dave wishes to thank:
  • Elvis, for making rock-n-roll what it is today.
  • Kurt, for kickin' me out of the he-man-woman-haters-club.
  • Lyndon, for having the right kind of attitude to inspire me to be a Californian.
  • John, for keeping me from making a mistake.
  • Yello, for coming up with such an awesome wedding song.
  • mom, for having such: endurance, patience, humor, and love.
  • Phoebe Cates, for looking so much like Grace.
Grace wishes to thank:
  • Ging, for inspiring me to get married.
  • Barb, for encouraging me to get involved in volleyball again.
  • mom and dad, for understanding and supporting me.
We both wish to thank:
  • Gemma, for helping us with the web site, and keeping Dave up on his algebra.
  • Lisa, for helping us keep everything organized; and for helping with the decorations.
  • Beth (and Garrett), for helping us with the flowers, party favors, and decorations. You've been an awesome help; we won't forget this.
  • Ally, for helping us with the decorations, organizing, and planning the bachelorette party.
  • Rick, for helping with all the printing (wedding invitations, Utah invitations, party favor tags, and programs). And thanks for getting us a great deal on a diamond. And thanks also for the talks at the hot tub.
  • Carole Lynn, for helping us organize the Utah reception.
  • Jojo, for lending us Fleury.
  • Our wedding party, and all those who've helped us plan and run our wedding!!!